About Us

The Whittaker Appraisal Group is an incorporated residential appraisal company centrally located in Northville and Clifton Park, New York to professionally serve the regions of the Adirondacks, Mohawk Valley, and Capital District. All appraisal companies will claim to offer an appraisal service that meets New York State and market standards while meeting client qualifications and guidelines. However, what sets us apart from the rest, is our corporate, purpose driven philosophy which is built using the teaching of Jesus Christ as a foundation. What results is a personal and professional, customer service driven experience which exceeds expectations from start to finish. This service may include some or all of the following.

  • Preliminary market analysis and research of the subject property and its neighborhood at no cost to you.
  • Immediate scheduling of inspections upon receipt of the appraisal request.
  • Immediate verbal value to clients, upon request.
  • Instantaneous response to any client/customer questions which may arise after the appraisal has been completed and submitted.
  • Our personal and professional contact with an appraiser when you contact us. You will not speak with a secretary or assistant when you have a question or concern. A licensed real estate appraiser will personally will work with you with throughout your relationship with them.
  • Immediate authorization on credit card payments.
  • Our appraisals all contain computer generated FNMA/FHLMC approved forms and sketch addendums, along with easy to read text addendums covering all details and requirements with full descriptions.
  • All reports compiled adhere to Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines. By complying to these industry principles, we can maintain a highly ethical business practice, which in turn has given us the strong reputation that we have earned over the past decade.
  • Every report is reviewed by an experienced professional to avoid time wasting conditions.
  • Getting the full appraisal to the client immediately after completion is critical. We are committed and devoted to developing innovative services and delivery systems which will allow our clients to better serve their clients. Our systems are equipped to deliver a PDF version of all appraisal services which can further shorten the time between initial ordering and receiving of the finished appraisal.

We service various clients whether you’re a lender, attorney or a homeowner we provide high quality real estate appraisals with superior completion time. Our superior quality, integrity and customer service are the fundamentals of our business and have launched the Whittaker Appraisal Group to the top of our field.

Please call us at 888.863.2829 or 518.863.2829 to place your order or with any questions you may have. You may also order your appraisal directly from this website using our Online Order Form.